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Red Software Systems - software engineering consultancy
Red Software Systems - software engineering consultancy
Why Red?

Know What You're Getting

With 20 years experience in the electronics and software industry, we have a proven track-record of delivering software solutions on-time, in budget and to specification.  

Projects are fully costed at inception with a full breakdown in a Proposal document. Red undertakes projects at a firm fixed price with no hidden extras.

Project work packages are clearly defined in terms of key milestones and deliverables.  We invoice only at key milestones as agreed in the Proposal.

Professional Design and Documentation 

With a clear precise specification you'll know what you're getting before any technical work is started. Our designs are top-down, first starting with a high-level software breakdown. Then we'll follow with detailed designs for each software component required.


You'll be involved in review and approval through each stage of the design. We want our customers to have a strong sense of ownership throughout the development.

Fixed Price and On-time delivery

Code will be delivered within the bounds of clearly defined test plans agreed by you.  Any bugs found after delivery will be fixed free of cost.

A Quality Product

A Red software development follows the tried and tested software lifecycle model used throughout the industry. Our working methods are governed by industry best practices such as IS0 9001 and CMM.  We can also run your device through the Windows Hardware Quality Labs (WHQL) test procedures using our Vista-capable DTM test laboratory.

See how this works in practice.

Phone - +44 (0)20 8341 7629 Email - enquiries@redsoftsys.com