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Red Software Systems - software engineering consultancy
Red Software Systems - software engineering consultancy


Red Software Systems have been at the forefront of USB software development since it's introduction in Windows 95 OSR 2.1 and Windows 98. We offer software development services on both the host (PC) and device side of the wire, delivering a complete USB solution for your product. Whether you need a full blown software development, or a little help up the learning curve, Red is your ideal USB partner.


USBRed specialises in embedded software development for USB. We can USB-enable your existing product, replacing your legacy ports. We can develop software to meet the USB device class specifications so your product will simply plug-and-play with Windows.

We can even develop custom, vendor specific protocols on top of the USB standard, involving both embedded and Windows driver development. We even have experience in developing an embedded host stack.

USB logoWe are experts in USB 1.1, USB2.0 and OTG (On the Go) and have in-house analysers and debugging tools. With the the aid of Silicon vendor development kits we can often do all this without going near any of your hardware.

We can develop for simple single-threaded programs or multithreaded software employing real-time operating systems. We h ave worked with a variety of USB controllers including the Netchip 2890, Cypress SL811HS EZ-USB, Agere USS820D, Thesys 6501, as well as numerous microcontrollers with embedded USB controllers. Let Red take the element of the unknown out of your development. Follow this link to see some of our recent projects


Developers are often taken back by the steepness of the USB learning curve. The technology is much more complex than serial or parallel; technologies that USB was supposed to replace.

CATC USB diagramRed can help you overcome any difficulties in this area. We can help you find your way through the maze of USB standards documents, or advise on class specification and protocols.

On the Windows side there is an overwhelming amount of information and it's often difficult to know where to start. We can bring all this together for you, whether you're using the WDK to develop your own driver or trying to load a Windows-supplied driver with your own .inf file.

We can also help during the development process. Maybe you're stuck trying to enumerate your device or meet a device class specification. Red can help with USB trace analysis and getting those descriptors right. You might need help optimising your embedded code for data transfer rate or solving a Windows driver blue screen crash - look no further, Red is here to help.

Windows Logo Testing

Red have taken a number of our customers devices through WHQL test procedures in order to get the 'Designed for Windows' logo.  See our Logo Testing page for more information.

Phone - +44 (0)20 8341 7629 Email - enquiries@redsoftsys.com