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Red Software Systems - software engineering consultancy
Red Software Systems - software engineering consultancy

How we work - a Red development


Following an initial meeting or consultation Red will produce a detailed project

Example project planThe Proposal includes the technical background to the project, definition of the project work packages and deliverables, together with timescale and a firm fixed price.

Each of the project work packages is normally related to a phase of the Software Lifecycle. Each deliverable is subject to formal customer approval and sign-off. With the Red Proposal, you know what you're getting, when you're getting it and how much it's going to cost.


A Red development follows the tried and tested Software Lifecycle model for software development. First, a detailed functional specification of the software is produced. Where appropriate, a Behaviour Specification may also be prepared.


Red employs UML-based tools to produce both High Level and Low Level software designs. 

Object sequence diagramIn the High Level Design the software is broken down into large functional components and the interactions between these components are defined. 

In the Low Level Design each functional component is broken down further into individual classes their interactions are detailed using Object Sequence Diagrams.

These designs are the blueprints to the software. They'll allow you to extend, modify and enhance the software when the project is delivered and complete, as you see fit.  We'll also develop the acceptance test plans in this phase.


In this phase the design are translated into fully tested working code. Where possible we'll develop and debug code on a Windows host. 

Diagram of C++ code snippetWe'll decouple our software development from your hardware development with the use of silicon vendor development kits. Source code will be delivered to the customer in readable form with ample comments. 

The code will usually in C or C++, although this is down to customer preference in the end.  Once the coding is complete the software system is presented to the customer, together with the results of the acceptance test plan.

Delivery and Maintenance

You'll probably be testing the code in anger during this phase. Any defects found will be fixed free of charge. We'll harden the system together during this phase, as well as developing any user guides and software installation systems you may require.

Windows Logo Testing  

You might want to get and 'Certified for Windows' logo for your device.  Look no further.  We are experts in WHQL testing and have a new Windows Vista test laboratory ready and waiting.  See our Logo Testing page for more information.


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